Welcome to Cornwall Now


Welcome to a new blog about Cornwall now.

I’m a writer with an opinion or two on most subjects. This blog focuses on  business politics, and culture, from the Tamar to Land’s End. I serve no vested interests and have no agenda, apart from wanting the best for Cornwall.

And Cornwall is  facing big challenges. Some are common to the country as a whole but many are unique to our corner of the British Isles. I believe that all of these issues would benefit from vigorous public debate and I’ll be trying to engage as many of the interested parties as possible through this blog.

Please use the ‘Comment’ sections to tell me if  a blog post causes you to nod you head or shake your fist. But let’s keep things civil. Erudite and witty posts are encouraged, but shouty and opinionated comments are also welcome (though please try to avoid being too obviously bonkers). I reserve the right to delete unnecessarily rude posts. This may be the Internet, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be nice to each other.

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